Admit One Gentleman 2013 / 2014

With the 2013 collection „Admit One Gentleman“, DANTE – Goods And Bads is turning their attention on the myth and legend of the Gentleman. His impeccable manners, his timeless elegance but also the decadence of his vices: all will be reflected by the nature of the objects, their material and manufacturing. Shining silver, elegant fur, a subtle longing for a long-lost era.

Guest of honor for this collection can be no other than Charles Schumann, one of the world’s most famous barkeepers, who embodies all that is Gentleman. He will contribute a sterling Mint Julep tumbler and matching Champagne bucket to the collection, realised by established silver manufacturer De Vecchi.

Alongside Christophe de la Fontaine, DANTE – Goods and Bads will introduce two new designers, Jakub Zak and Pietro Russo, whose hat rack and floor lamp will deliver a different interpretation of our theme.


DANTE – Goods and Bads’ inspirational guest for the Scenes From the Prairie  collection is French illustrator Gustave Doré. With his mysterious and fairytale-like landscapes, Doré created the exact mood DANTE – Goods and Bads is trying to convey with this collection. By adding strangely artificial or entirely impossible elements such as lens flare or soft focus to his lush copperplate prints, Aylin Langreuter transforms them into something entirely new. These artworks are also part of the collection and, like Scenes From the Prairie itself, are meant to be a tribute to Doré’s forever fascinating work.