The Stars Look Different Today 2019 / 2020

As humans, we crave change. We forever want new horizons, new beginnings, to boldly go where no man has gone before. But at the same time we are also instinctively careful about to much alteration. Because just as much, we need the comfort of familiarity, the attachment to the things we grew to love. So what we do is this: we redress, refinish, rearrange. Chair to the window, table from the corner to the middle, shelf from this wall to that wall. Keep the familiar, but add a new twist. And somehow, magically, this makes us feel better. Freer. Newer.The Stars Look Different Today is the theme of Dante’s 2019/2020 Collection: a new sparkle from an old star, comforting, but also promising of something new.

Art direction and layout by Aylin Langreuter, words by Lea Schmidbauer, photos by Katarina Ćirković, landscapes by Klaus Fürmaier