DANTE – Goods and Bads’ mission for the 2012 collection, Side Glance, was to step aside from beaten tracks and think about details, semantic references, and connotations. Vice-versa, the objects provide a second layer, becoming affective and able to communicate.

Art direction, artwork and layout: Aylin Langreuter; Text: Lea Schmidbauer; Quotes: Christopher Roth


The Side Glance collection’s guest Christopher Roth, artist and film-director, shares DANTE – Goods and Bads’ passion for irrelevant details and occasional irritations of everyday life objects.

Host (DANTE-Goods and Bads):
What is your contribution?

Guest (Christopher Roth):
A hat that can be used as a mask, a hatchet with a bob, and some facsimiles by Carl Jung, the quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, JG Ballard, Hamish Fulton, Iain Sinclair, Chris Petit, WG Sebald and Don DeLillo.

Host: Any cohesion?

Guest: Mozart, Porgi Amor.